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Parent-Student Handbook

The Lee County School District has the responsibility to provide a safe school environment that supports a positive educational experience for all students. The Student Behavior Code provides procedures that support and enhance the learning environment. The procedures are designed to encourage and foster positive social behavior. It also establishes appropriate consequences for unacceptable behavior.

Students, parents, and school personnel are asked to carefully read the attached Student Behavior Code so they will clearly know what is expected of students. This policy will be enforced on school property during regular school hours, as well as other times and places where teachers and school administrators have students under their supervision. These times and places include, but are not limited to, all school sponsored programs, field trips and athletic events.

Please read the requirements of attendance on page 5 of the manual for elementary, middle, and secondary school students. These guidelines explain and define the legal aspects and consequences of absenteeism.

You are asked to have the student(s) for whom you are responsible return the signed form to the school. If you have more than one student in our district, please sign one for each. Your signature means that you have read the policy, understand that it will be enforced and will work with the school(s) to ensure a quality learning environment for our students. The signed form must be returned to the school on the date listed on the document.

In addition, you are being provided copies of the rules pertaining to behavior on the school bus from the School Bus Transportation Office. This information is being provided in accordance with current laws and regulations.

If you have any questions concerning this information or any other areas, please call the principal of the school in which your child(ren) attends. We look forward to serving our students. A cooperative partnership with you will ensure that they will have a successful year. Thank you for your support.

Please click on the link below to view our Student Behavior Codes: